SISU is a widely-embraced, integral concept found in the Finnish culture; a universal ideal that the potential for greatness exists within all individuals.

Extraordinary determination, courage and resoluteness in the face of extreme adversity. An action mindset which enables individuals to see beyond their present limitations and into what might be. Taking action against the odds and reaching beyond observed capacities.

who we are

At SISU, we have an unwavering commitment to our clients, with a steady focus on providing each of them measurable value. We work hard to earn the designation, ‘trusted partner.’   It’s with this level of trust that SISU works to create and enable sustainable, profitable growth and operations excellence for each client.

We are a team of industry veterans – successful executives with in-depth experience:  starting, managing and growing businesses.  Manufacturing to technology, product development to product distribution, start-up funding to structured buyouts – SISU has experience in multiple industry sectors, nationally and internationally.

SISU helps companies, go beyond.


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